Upholstery Protection

GTECHNIQ Upholstery Protection for Fabric Interiors

At EXL Auto Detail, we use GTECHNIQ smart fabric for upholstery and carpet protections.

L1 Smart Fabric

L1 Smart Fabric is flurocarbon free, lasts 12 months, and leaves no change to the feel and texture of the upholstery.

GTECHNIQ Upholstery Protection for Leather Interiors

L1 Leather Guard

Wearing blue jeans is comfortable but aren't you tired of seeing your leather seats change colors from gray or beige to blue? You can't give up your blue jeans but you CAN prevent the dyes from ruining your interior leather upholstery!

We use L1 Leather Guard to protect your leather upholstery because it prevents the dye from ruining your interior. L1 Leather Guard is abrasion-resistant, prevents dye transfer, and is antimicrobial.

Our Prices are:

  • Ala Carte (Separate from a Detailing Package) .................. $75.00/hour

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