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EXL offers paint touch-up service to fill in chips from rocks, small scratches, and other paint defects. I use an artist's tool, with a super-fine tip, that allows me to fill in the rock-chips and scratches without leaving excess paint on top of the existing paint. This process eliminates the "blob". Not only is the rock-chip filled in, but there is no blob of paint on the existing paint around the rock-chip, that will accentuate the problem area you are trying to hide.

Having the right touch-up paint, that exactly matches your vehicle's paint, is critical. Not all whites are the same - nor are blacks, silvers, etc. A vehicle's body paint color is a specific single color choice out of an extensive variety of various colors and shades. This is why I order the necessary touch-up paint from a reputable and reliable paint company that is able to produce great matching paints. The overall success of the body-restoration process is contingent upon having the exact-matching color of paint. Matching the vehicle color, and only filling in what needs to be filled in, are the most critical steps for the intended end result. Successful completion of the paint touch-up process means that there will be no more unsightly paint chips in your paint.

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