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Testimonials for EXL Auto Detailing

The following testimonials have been submitted by people who’ve used our auto detailing services.

After the dozens of car detailing’s I have had over the past 10 years, your work was by far the best.  Your outstanding detailing job yesterday is greatly appreciated. … Posted by David Chaladoff

My Nissan looks great!  I was very pleased with the work.  Steve was great with working with my work schedule and picking up/dropping off to help me fit this in.  Great work and customer care.  Overall very happy with my choice!!!  Thanks again! … Posted by Laura Terpstra

I just wanted to say thanks for a job well done … the car looks incredible!  Every time I look closer I see another detail that stands out.  Every nook and cranny, including the intricate design of the grill, was spotless and shiny.  I’ll be eager to recommend your services to anyone interested.  You’ve shown that quality work at a fair price is still alive and well. … Posted by Mike Richey

I was searching for a trustworthy person to do detailing work on my new Mercedes.  We were lucky to find Steve because he did great work.  We will definitely use his services again to keep our car looking new. … Posted by Ryan Pete

We live on a gravel road outside of North Liberty.  Needless to say, my engine looked like one big dust ball.  When I got it back, it looked like I had a shiny new engine.” … Posted by John Rettig of North Liberty, Iowa

This guy does fantastic work.  I couldn’t believe how new my car looked again.  The chrome tailpipes I forgot I had now even shine!” … Posted by Darryl Redman of Coralville, Iowa

My son’s car was filthy and I wanted to give him the ‘gift’ of detailing before he left for college.  EXL did an excellent job of making the car look like new on the inside.  My son was very excited when he saw how much nicer it was.  The outside was also very clean.  Scheduling an appt was very easy – we just exchanged a few emails, and Dave picked up the car, and dropped it off when he was finished – couldn’t have been easier.” … Posted by Donna D. of Iowa City, Iowa

I HIGHLY recommend EXL Auto Detailing.  Our car had years of stuck on cheerios and spilled things underneath car seats.  Steve managed to get out absolutely all of it, plus some stained coffee that I had tried unsuccessfully to get out myself several years ago.  He made our tired, worn and kid-damaged car look just about brand new.  Absolutely amazing and worth every penny.” … Posted by Margie P. of Iowa City, Iowa

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