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Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction for Carpets & Upholstery

Hot water extraction services help to thoroughly clean your vehicles carpeted surfaces and upholstered interiors and make them look like new again.


The Hot Water Extraction Process

The hot water extraction process, that is used by EXL Auto Detailing, helps to maximize the cleaning results of your auto detailing to ensure that your vehicles carpeted surfaces and other upholstered interior surfaces come out as clean as they can.  Maximum cleaning results are obtained by ensuring that the specific water temperature that we use to extract the dirt and grime is nearly 200 degrees.  Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the hot water extractor injects the heated water onto the surface to be cleaned.  Then, the extractor immediately vacuums up the dirty water, along with the cleaning solution.  This hot water extraction process removes all of the grime and most stains that are common to car interiors.  The hot water extraction process is instrumental in making the vehicle seats and carpets look like new again.