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Hand Washing

Hand Washing for Auto Exteriors

Hand washing services help to restore a vehicles exterior shine by cleaning off the dirt and dust that accumulates daily on your vehicle.  EXL Auto Detailing Hand Washing Services will make your vehicle look great again!

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The Hand Washing Process

The hand washing process, for auto exteriors, involves a delicate hand wash of the entire vehicle using hot water, a microfiber wash mitt and cleaning solution designed to safely clean today’s clear coat finishes.  It, also, includes cleaning each of the vehicle wheels using a wheel cleaner designed to remove brake dust and tar.  Once a vehicle is hand washed, we hand-dry the vehicle with a synthetic chamois and microfiber towels.  Our hand wash cannot be matched by any type of drive-through car wash.  EXL Auto Detailing ensures that we’ll take the time to get each vehicle clean!  We’ll remove all of the grime, bird droppings, and bug guts that tend to gather on our cars in Iowa without harming the paint surface.