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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

EXL Auto Detailing isn’t just for cars!  EXL Motorcycle Detailing has all of the benefits that auto detailing does!  It keeps your motorcycle protected from the elements and looking like new!  It, also, helps to maintain resale value.

EXL Motorcycle Detailing Package:

General Motorcycle Detailing$150 – $250

The price for motorcycle detailing ranges from $150 – $250 and is dependent upon the condition of the motorcycle, the types of wheels that it has, and the accessories on the bike.  As bike owners know the devil is the details and this is what makes each bike unique.  EXL Auto Detailing pays attention the details such as wheels, paint, chrome, and leather and make them all look their best.  If you want to keep your bike protected from the elements and sun EXL has all the products required.  Please call today for an estimate.

EXL's Motorcycle Detailing with Steve Drobot in front of the EXL Auto Detailing Shop in Iowa City, Iowa.

EXL Motorcycle Detailing in Iowa City, Iowa.