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Express Mobile Detailing

‘Express Mobile Detailing – We Come to You!

Mobile Detailing with EXL Auto Mobile Detailing.
Express Mobile Detailing is a service where we come to you! EXL Auto Detailing will come to your home (or other location such as work) and detail the interior of your car(s) or truck(s).  Using a trailer outfitted with everything necessary to offer a variety of interior detailing packages from basic to awesome.

EXL Express Mobile Detailing Services can be done with or without water and electrical connections available.  Our Express Mobile Service will come to your location with a small trailer that is equipped with all of the necessary equipment – including water and a generator, as necessary.

EXL Express Mobile Detailing Packages:

Express Basic Interior Detail$50 – $75

This package includes a thorough vacuum, using a hot water extractor to clean the carpets and floor mats. The dash, console, and door panels are cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner. The final step is cleaning the windows inside and out.

Express Awesome Interior Detail$80 – $150

The Express Awesome Interior Detailing Package is designed to make your interior look like new again.  In addition to the carpet and floor mats, upholstered seats are shampooed/extracted, leather seats are cleaned with a specially formulated leather cleaner and then conditioned.  All surfaces; dash, console, door panels, door jams, etc. are cleaned and then a protectant is applied.  The windows are cleaned inside and out.  Awesome is truly the best word to describe this detailing package.  Recommended for neglected interiors.  The price is based on the type of vehicle and the condition of the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration$50 – $75

The Headlight Restoration process dramatically improves the effectiveness of your headlights.  The process involves wet-sanding of the headlight lens, using several increasingly finer grit sandpaper.  Then, we polish the headlight lens with an orbital buffer.  The final step is the application of a lens protectant to keep them looking nice.  See the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures in our photo gallery.