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In-Shop Auto Detailing

In-Shop Auto Detailing

EXL’s In-Shop Auto Detailing provides you with the most choices for all of your auto detailing needs.  Bring your vehicle in and choose from any of our convenient auto detailing packages or choose from our many individually priced detailing items in the ala carte detailing options.

EXL In-Shop Auto Detailing Packages:

Deluxe Hand Car Wash$25 – $40

Hand Washing Mitt for Auto Detailing

Our deluxe hand car wash entails delicate hand wash of entire vehicle with a microfiber wash mitt.  Includes cleaning wheels and wheel wells then drying with a microfiber towel.  This wash cannot be matched with any type of drive through car wash.  We take the time to get it clean including all the grime, bird droppings, and bug guts that gather on our cars in Iowa.

The Basics$40 – $75

INTERIOR:  Vacuum all carpets and mats. Wipe down vents, gauges, console and dash. Clean interior glass.

EXTERIOR:  Delicate hand wash, washing wheels and tires, hand dry with microfiber towel. Clean glass.

Awesome Interior Detail$125 – $250

Thorough vacuum (we also used compressed air to blow out dirt trapped in the hard reach places like between the seats and console, etc.) and shampoo/extracting of carpets, floor mats, and upholstered seats. Leather interiors are cleaned using a specially formulated leather cleaner designed to clean without harming or drying out the leather. A leather dressing is then applied to condition and protect. The dash, console, door panels, door jams (everywhere) are all cleaned and then a protectant is applied to beautify and protect. The final step is to clean the windows inside and out, and the door jams. When complete, your car’s interior will look and smell like new.

The Essentials (Most Requested)$225 – $350 (largely depends on size of vehicle)

INTERIOR:  Thorough vacuum and hot water extraction of carpets, carpeted floor mats, and upholstered seats. Leather interiors are cleaned using a specially-formulated leather cleaner that is designed to clean without harming or drying out the leather.  A leather dressing is, then, applied to condition and protect the leather.  All other interior trim (dash, console, door panels, etc.) are cleaned and have a UV protectant applied.

EXTERIOR:  Hand wash, mechanically clay and decontaminate the paint, some minor paint correction, plus application of paint sealant (lasts much longer than wax) using an orbital buffer. Single layer application of gloss enhancer spray. Dressing applied to all exterior plastics, trim, and tires. Engine Bay Detailing.

The Ultimate Package$400 – $650

INTERIOR:  Same as the Essentials package

EXTERIOR:  The Essentials plus removal of contaminates and impurities with Clay Bar.  We then polish, compound (or both depending on condition) using an orbital buffer to remove surface scratches and enhance color and appearance (will make your paint look like new) before applying Weather Shield paint sealant to lock in and protect that shine.  You can also add a Coating to protect the finish.  Coatings offer longer lasting protection, enhanced shine, highly hydrophobic, and can resist scratches.

Ala Carte Services & Individual Pricing

Other Services & Individual Pricing:

Hand Wash – Thoroughly rinsed and washed using hot water and a Microfiber wash mitt & Dried using  Microfiber Drying Towel – $25-$40

Clay Bar – Remove contaminants and over spray – $50-$75

Polish – Enhances color and level minor scratches – $100-$200

Carnauba Wax -Applied w/ orbital buffer to protect finish – $75

Gloss Enhancer Spray (Gtechniq C2) – Enhances shine and up to 6 months protection – $50-$75

Window Cleaning – Inside and out, including edges – $25-$50

Full Vacuum – Vacuum of all seats, carpets and mats – $35-$75

Wipe Down of Interior – Thorough cleaning whole interior – $25-$35

Hot Water Extraction – Includes carpets/mats/upholstery – $35-$100

Gtechniq Fabric Guard Protectant – Applied to carpets/upholstery – $85

Dressing and Conditioning – Application to all surfaces – $35

Deep Stain Removal – Thorough cleaning and treating stained area $75/hr

Engine Bay Detailing – Power wash/apply protectant – $35-$75

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning – $50-$75

Headlight Lens Restoration – Remove cloudiness from lens – $75 – $100

Paint Touch Up – Touch up small chips and scratches.  We use an extremely fine tipped artist tool to fill in the chip or scratch without the excess “blob” on the surrounding paint – Call us for more information

Application of GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coatings – Call us for more information – unmatched depth of shine and protection up to 9 years.

Paint Correction, Buffing/Polishing/Compounding of Scratches and Other Paint Issues – $75/hr

Wheel Cleaning to remove brake dust and other contaminants –  $25-$50

Painting Steel Wheels – Call for more information

** Please call or email for a more detailed explanation of our packages and detailing services. **